International calling is finally affordable

About us

Centel lets you call anywhere in the world at local call cost

Centel is guided by a vision of how international communication should work. We want it to be accessible, flexible and available for everyone, everywhere.

Regardless of where in the world you travel to, Centel enables you to call any number, in any country, and pay as if it were a local call. Centel works through a GSM network, so there are no data roaming or Internet connection issues to worry about, or pay for. Expect absolute availability and reliability, as well as crystal clear calls - using Centel is just like using your standard network provider abroad, only up to 97% cheaper. And we're not finished yet.
Why Centel?
Making the world local Call from any country to any other country in the world and always get charged as a local call. You'll never get any data charges from your operator, either.
Acts just like your regular phone
Unlike apps like Skype and fring, Centel uses your existing mobile phone number and address book, giving you a hassle-free user experience. Simply call your contacts using the numbers you've stored in your phone.
Superior sound quality
Centel employs cutting-edge technology that ensures optimum sound quality, far superior to that of GSM or regular phone calls.
Simple to use
There's no registration process, nothing to activate and no user database creation. Once you've downloaded the App, you can use Centel immediately.
Always available
Centel is using regular GSM, therefore we are always available, even without data, unlike data dependent services such as Viber, Skype, Gtalk etc. and we won't drain your battery or use up your phone's memory, so you can always make and receive calls without clogging your device.
Ad free
Centel doesn't accept advertising. We guarantee that our mobile calls will always be free from ads.